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Air India is India’s flagship full service international airline, and a variety of cuisines including the ever popular traditional Indian cuisine are available onboard. The price of the food is included in the fare. Air India offers the following cuisines on its flights:

  • Asiatic Vegetarian/ Indian Vegetarian Meal
  • Baby Meal/ Infant Food
  • Bland Meal/ Ulcer Diet/ Low Fiber Meal
  • Lightly Spiced Child Meal, Nutritionally Balanced
  • Diabetic Meal
  • Fruit Platter
  • Gluten Free Meal
  • Gujarati Meal-Vegetarian Meal including Dhokla or Patra
  • High Fiber Meal
  • Hindu Meal
  • Japanese Meal…Only on Flight Number AI306
  • Kosher Meal
  • Low Protein Meal
  • Low Sodium, Unsalted Meals
  • Moslem Meal
  • Lactose Free Meal
  • Oriental Meal
  • Low Purin Acid Meal
  • Raw Vegetarian Meal
  • Seafood Meal
  • Vegetarian Meal
  • Lacto Ovo Veg Meal (May contain Egg, Dairy Products) Low Sodium, Unsalted Meals

You can specify your choice of meal when you book your ticket. For special meals like Diabetic meal or Gluten Free Meal, you need to inform Air India at-least 48 hours in advance.

You can also specify your meal preference on Air India after booking your ticket by clicking on the following: Air India Meal Preference Page.


You will never be bored on any Air India flight. For First Class passengers, Air India provides a personal audio-video entertainment system on each seat. You can choose from a wide variety of International and Indian video channels, movies and music.

For Executive and Economy Class passengers, Air India is progressively installing an ‘Audio Video On Demand’ system on all 747-400 and 777 aircrafts, and the system is now available on quite a few Air India flights. Passengers can choose between a wide variety of Indian and International Videos, Movies and Music channels. On all routes where video entertainment is not available, Air India provides at least two channels of variety music.

To view the current entertainment schedule on Air India click on the link below:

Air India In-Flight Entertainment Schedule


Air India publishes an in-flight magazine called ‘Namaskaar’, which is the traditional greeting phrase in Hindi or Sanskrit.

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